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What payment methods are accepted?

We accept payment via PayPal and credit card. You can choose your preferred method of payment at the end of the purchasing process. The data related to your payment method is NOT processed or stored by Garmont but by the platforms through which payment is made. These platforms, that is to say PayPal and Nexi, are extremely secure and are widely used by the majority of e-commerce sites.

How to use a discount code

To redeem a discount code, please enter it in the appropriate field on the cart summary page, before proceeding with payment.

How much will shipping cost?

Free shipping within most of the European Union for orders greater than €100.00. Shipping costs of €10.00 may apply in some areas including:

- Finland

- Denmark

- Croatia

- Bulgaria

- Romania

- Friesland and Noord-Holland (Netherlands)

- Cyprus

- Lithuania

- Latvia

- Ireland

- Greece

- Malta

- Certain areas of France

- Certain areas of Portugal

- Certain areas of Spain

How long will it take for my item to arrive?

For smaller orders, rates vary depending on the area. Delivery times are variable but usually range from 5 to 7 working days. Shipping may not be available to some areas. Delivery times are indicative and may vary due to external causes, holidays or causes attributable to the shipping agent; also, delivery time is calculated from the date on which the order is processed. Orders are normally processed within 2 days from the date on which the purchase is completed.

Can i change the shipping address or billing address?

Once your order has been placed, you cannot change your shipping or billing information. If you have any difficulty compiling the data while completing your purchase, please contact our e-commerce customer service at

How to return a purchase

Did you buy something on but are not satisfied with your choice? Don't worry, here is everything you need to know about how to arrange a return!

You have 14 days from when you receive delivery of the purchased item to complete the online return procedure and request a size/product exchange or a refund (excluding return delivery costs). Returned items will be refunded or exchanged provided they are intact, have not been used, damaged or washed, and have the original product labels still attached to the product as well as the original box and packaging.

Items returned incomplete, worn, damaged or dirty for reasons that are attributable to you will not be refunded and will not give rise, under any circumstances, to a credit equal to the price of the item originally purchased.

If you believe you have received a defective product, please contact our customer service at

Please note that in general it is not necessary to enclose a label or return slip with your parcel.

How to request a return:

If you want to return a product, you must complete the following online returns procedure:

1) Click on "return request" at the bottom of our home page;

2) Insert the order number and the e-mail address used for the purchase, then click on "search";

3) Tick the products you wish to return;

4) Indicate the reason for the return and in the "comments" section indicate the desired replacement size if you are requesting a size change);

5) Click on "send request".

Once all the steps have been completed, a confirmation email will be sent to the address indicated and the return request will be processed by one of our operators.

Please note that the above procedure is compulsory and that requests received after the 14-day deadline or by other means will not be taken into consideration.

What return options are available

There are three possible return options:

1) Size/Product Exchange

If the product purchased is of the wrong size you can return it for a new one in the correct size. If, on the other hand, you are not satisfied with the colour or the model, you can exchange it with a different item.

The replacement item will only be shipped after we have verified the condition of the returned product.

2) Refund

If the product received is not what you wanted, you can return it and request a refund using the same method of payment used at the time of purchase.

The refund will only be issued once the condition of the returned product has been verified. You will be reimbursed only for the purchase price, excluding any shipping and return costs.

3) Gift card

If the product is not what you wanted but you are undecided on which replacement product to choose, you can request a gift card for the value of your original purchase. This gift card is valid for one year.

How to ship the return product to us:

After we have accepted your return request, you can send the product by courier or postal service to the following address:





Please remember that you must correctly compile the online return request before sending the product back to us. We will not refund or replace any product that arrives at our warehouse without having first been registered via the online return request process within the 14 day period foreseen by law.

Please note: we recommend that you keep the tracking number of the shipment as it is the customer who is responsible for the return. Failure to return the product within 20 days from the date of acceptance of the return shall be construed as a waiver of the return (subject to any unforeseen circumstances arising after dispatch).

How to make a warranty claim

From the date of purchase, you have a two-year warranty that foresees the repair or replacement of products in the event of manufacturing defects. There are two possible situations:

- You made your purchase on the Garmont website: If you believe that you have purchased a defective product through our e-commerce site, please send an email to explaining the problem in detail. We recommend attaching photos with a maximum size of 10 MB.

- You made your purchase in an authorised retail store or on an online shop other than Garmont: If you believe that you purchased a defective product, please contact the shop directly. Remember that you need to provide proof of purchase (receipt). The shop will assess the defect and, if necessary, send the product back to us for testing.

The costs of returning a defective product shall initially be borne by the customer and shall then be refunded by Garmont after verification of the defectiveness of the product. The customer must only return the product after filling out the online return request and must use the cheapest shipping method available. In order to be refunded for shipping costs, the customer must provide a photo of the shipping payment receipt and the tracking number. The customer is responsible for the return shipment until it arrives at the Garmont warehouse. If the product is not defective then the return shipping costs will not be refunded.

Size guide

Our footwear is based on UK sizing, which foresees a difference of approximately 5mm in length between half sizes. The EUR and UK size charts are not the same, which means that some EUR sizes are missing (for example, switching from size 43 EUR to 44 EUR corresponds to a half size jump in UK sizing, from 9UK to 9.5UK).

A key aspect in the choice of size is the fit, which you can find on the product sheet. Some fits are broader while others are more snug and precise. The 5 fits we offer are listed below, from the most technical and snug fit to the most comfortable and wide fit:

1) Alpine Tech (for a comfortable but less precise fit, order a half size larger!).

2) Alpine (for a comfortable but less precise fit order a half size larger!)

3) Performance

4) Active

5) Comfort

Another aspect that can influence your choice of size is the thickness of the socks you use. If you wear thick socks when walking in the mountains you should take this into account when determining your size. In general, if you are interested in shoes with a technical fit but plan to use them as every-day shoes, we recommend ordering at least a half size larger than your usual size.

What is hydrolysis

Sometimes the soles of shoes can start to crumble or even come off when walking, even if they have not been used a lot. This may appear to be a factory defect, but it is in reality a spontaneous chemical process called hydrolysis.

When boots are only used occasionally, the soles dry out and tend to harden, similar to what happens with car tyres, and a chemical reaction is triggered which causes the polyurethane molecules to split and the soles to degrade. This problem can affect both the outsole and the midsole.

It is therefore not a production defect, but a natural process of material deterioration, which manifests itself even more intensely if the footwear is not used often or has been stored for a long time.

To reduce the risk of hydrolysis, it is therefore important to use your footwear regularly to keep the material 'chemically active'.

The following recommendations can prove useful to try to avoid this unpleasant chemical process:

- Use your footwear regularly

- if possible, prefer recent models that have a more recent shelf life (be careful with models that may have been stored for years and therefore have been "inactive" for a long time).

- Take proper care of your footwear with appropriate products and avoid drying your footwear near sources of heat.

- Store your footwear in a dry place, preferably in its original box.

Can i resole my boots?

We do not offer a resole service, however if you own a shoe with Vibram soles you can find your nearest certified cobbler on the Vibram website:

Please note that many of the Vibram soles we use have been developed exclusively for us so they may not be available for replacement. It is possible to request resoling with compatible soles.

We have done our best to ensure our photos represent product colourways as realistically as possible but each monitor has a different capability to display colours. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the colour you see accurately portrays the true colour of the product ordered.