Dear Friends,
We are all facing a big challenge.
But together with great strength, courage and determination, we can win this battle and bounce back stronger than before.
This is our video message to you of hope and determination for the future:

Our heartfelt thanks goes to all those operators on the frontlines of this battle.  In particular, we are proud to be donating a special Tikal Tricolore shoe to the Protezione Civile of Veneto, a small contribution to thank them for their tremendous support to our community in these difficult times.
In addition to all our staff, we would also like to thank Diego Bedeschi for the video editing, Jimmy Ghione for lending his voice to our video as well as the following partners for taking part:

Andrea Pirillo and Martina Domenicali
Associazione Dilettantistica Curling Cortina
Associazione Guide Alpine Tre Cime
Cristian Candiotto
Daniele Guagliardo
Dolomiti SkiRock
Eleonora Solero
Giordano Tomasoni
Gli Stambec
Global Conservation Corps
Gruppo d’Archi Veneto
My Life in Trek
Riccardo Quaranta
Simone Barletta
Treviso Basket
Treviso Creativity Week
Thomas Gianola

Thank you for being part of our world.  Thank you for sharing our message.

#StayWild, #HopeWild