Sonja Möderndorfer

For me, mountaineering is not a competition but a deep passion where I put my heart and soul into it.

My Name is Sonja Möderndorfer and i'm 24 years young.

I grew up together with my two brothers and my parents in a beautiful spot in Carinthia at the foot of the mountain „Dobratsch“ in a valley called Gailtal. A nice piece of earth.

Even as a child I was enthusiastic about the beauty of nature and the aware of the mountains, which is why I was always drawn outside. The perfect world in a beautiful corner of the Alps offered a lot of curiosity and a thirst for adventure. With the energy of a child's urge to move, my parents took me often me on longer hikes. I enjoyed the opportunity in the care of my loving and generous mother to gather my own experiences in the mountains at an early age. 

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, at the age of 14, I went higher and higher into the mountains and dreamed of climbing Austria's highest mountain, the Großglockner

At the age of 19 I successfully completed my diploma as a nurse. Currently I’m working full-time in a medical emergency room at the hospital in Villach. My job is very time-consuming, exhausting and often not easy. Nevertheless, I try to convert every free minute into a meaningful activity outdoors.

Every day my desire to face new alpine challenges grows. That's why I've been doing voluntary work at the local mountain rescue team since 2017, where I was able to acquire many alpinism skills. The education for this takes a total of four years. You learn to navigate in the mountains, a ton of rescue techniques and the knowledge how to perform them in the worst weather conditions. 

Since last year I have a loyal dog as a companion by my side. Her name is Ylvie, and she is a Siberian husky dog. She is always with me, on every mountain and every run.

It is becoming more and more clear that mountaineering, adventure and self-discovery in nature get my main attention. Together with like-minded friends, I am always happy to face new challenges and adventures. For me, mountaineering is not a competition but a deep passion where I put my heart and soul into it.