Thomas Viegut

Stay adventurous!



My name is Thomas Vielgut and I’m from Carinthia, Austria.

When you grow up in the mountains it is quite obvious to get into mountain- and outdoor sports sooner or later. It doesn´t matter if snowboarding in winter or biking and hiking in summer, I´m out there all year long.

Besides sports, I also got into photography which is a big hobby of mine, and by now also my job.

There is nothing better than exploring new places, sharing them with your friends, spending time together and creating moments which will last forever.

Apart from Carinthia my second home is the beautiful country Tyrol. During the year i spend most of my time in Innsbruck where i’m studying Sports & Media Education.

By and large, sport always helped me to find the right path and i´m sure it will also accompany me in the future.

Stay adventurous dear friends 😉