Are you going on a hike? Don’t forget these top 5 items to bring with you.



With the idea of going on a hike, there is a lot to unpack. That is why you must focus on the main obstacles and challenges you may face, and most importantly, what to pack for the many unknowns that come with diving into the depths of Mother Nature’s unforeseen wilderness.

A good hike has an endless list of benefits, one being it eases stress and boosts your mental well being. Now more than ever, focusing not only on our physical health, but our mental health is key to happiness and living a full and fun life.

To make sure you are getting the full benefits from your hike, you must have your backpack filled with all the necessities for anything your hike throws at you.

Here we have the list of the top 5 things we recommend bringing on your hike for the best experience.


1) Food

Bringing plenty of food on your trip is crucial for energy to get you through the day. In order to get the best out of your hike, packing high energy foods such as fruit, protein bars, and other easy to pack and prepare snacks is key. Another thing to note is the way you are packaging your foods. While going on hikes, you may run into wildlife along the trail, so in order to stay safe, make sure all of the food you bring is sealed tight and packed deep into your bag.



2) Water

Getting your daily 64 ounces in is crucial to staying healthy overall, but bringing water on hikes is important to prevent dehydration, maintain energy levels and also to utilize for cooking/cleaning if need be.


3) Hiking Boots

Wearing the correct hiking boots for your trek is necessary for many things. Comfort comes first, so that you can maintain your pace and get through the hike without those dreaded blisters. With Garmont, you get the comfort you need alongside all of the other key technologies that assist with things such as staying dry, and keeping warm in winter weather and to remain stable even on the most impervious terrains.


4) Lighter

Depending on how long, how far and where you are hiking, a lighter is important for both safety and “survival”. This isn’t Survivor, but even if it was, you always need a source of heat, light, and a way to cook your food if that is how you plan to eat, throughout your trek. Pre-planning your hiking trail is always necessary, but things happen and if you were to get lost or stuck on your hike, having that lighter could be a life saver.


5) First Aid Kit

Safety comes first, and while you are setting out to enjoy a nice long, rejuvenating hike, we must always prepare for the worst when it comes to the wilderness. Cuts, scrapes, and even more serious injuries do occur, and you want to be prepared when they do. Bringing a fully prepped first aid kit with bandages, sanitizing wipes and other medical supplies will help you stay safe and healthy to continue on your hike when these injuries occur. No-one sets out on a hike expecting to come back with an injury, but you must always be cautious and aware of all of the possibilities.


Enjoy your journey and make sure you plan well in advance!