Terracina, Gaeta, Sperlonga

Our ambassadors  Mauro Zannoni and Eleonora Solero recently explored the wonders of Terracina, Gaeta, Sperlonga and shared their experience with us.


We trekked and climbed in breathtaking places amidst history, culture, mythology, and cliffs overlooking an enchanted sea.

Visiting these places is like immersing yourself in a box of colors; you can feel the poetry, the courtesy of the people.

The town of Terracina, home to the sorceress Circe in ancient mythology, is a feast for our eyes.  Here Homer ascended to look around and observe the contours of the island of Circeo. Getting lost in its alleyways is breathtaking, surrounded by Roman ruins everywhere we walk in the historic center amongst local stores that truly deserve a visit.  Culinary lovers will find solutions for every palate; we fish lovers recommend the fish markets that offer fresh fish every day. 

In Sperlonga, home to the Roman emperor Tiberius’s villa, we rediscover the beauty of an ancient splendor; its alleyways accompany us in a gentle magical descent from the top of the square that dominates the skyline down to the sea.  Don’t miss out on some excellent ice cream as you walk among the stores in the narrow streets.  Sperlonga was established and continues to live as a fishing village, continuously threatened in history by pirates who came to kidnap its inhabitants to reduce them to slavery.

Climbing in Gaeta

In the spasmodic search for beauty and knowledge one cannot miss an appointment with the Spaccata mountain

Now we are like Ulysses and his crew on an adventure, as we descend the Via dei Camini (Chimney route) with our trusted Garmont 9.81 on our feet and climbing shoes clipped to our harness, immersed in this suggestive scenery.   

There are many different possibilities to climb back to the top, where training or desire for adventure motivate the modern climber. The sea rumbling against the rocks right below us inebriates our minds like a good wine, it reduces the feeling of balance. 

I hear the mermaids singing ... ah no it's Eleonora asking me to not take pictures of her during the traverses, she too is inebriated by the sea, and brings me back to today's world. This is a magical place to discover for those who are used to rock climbing and rope maneuvers.


Climbing in Sperlonga

The quality of the rock is fantastic.  We visited the Chiromante (Fortune Teller) wall, technical pitches with dry and never trivial finger sequences in a technical and fascinating climb.  To feel part of this environment is a rewarding experience.


Climbing in Circeo

So we arrive at the Eea island, where Calypso lived, Calypso with her beautiful curls, the mighty diva … (Homer, Odyssey, Book VII) 

The highest wall in Lazio, the sea always present in the background, the path to the wall well-marked.  Wonderful rock, the warmth of Spring on our backs, the company of Elly is always special, we climb the Stella Marina route, excellent pegging, excellent rock




During our trip to discover new places to recommend, we went on different treks, one to Mount Sant'Angelo, one on the ridges of Circeo and one above Terracina. 

 We don our Garmont 9.81 and set off to explore these enchanting places. 

 Walking gives us the opportunity to see and discover this vast and diverse area, with its different places and environments. 

Mount Sant'Angelo is located in the Aurunci mountains, in the town of Spigno Saturnia, and offers the possibility of trekking among historical monuments such as the hermitage of Michael the Archangel;  magnificent, to be seen. 

Centuries-old beech trees accompany us in a panorama that extends from the sea of Formia to the mountains of the hinterland, you can see up to Terminillo. 

A few days later, we are at the Circeo, the walk on the ridge in a forest where we are immediately immersed in the scent and purple colour of cyclamen in bloom. There is an ancient path above Terracina that permitted shepherds from Campo Soriano to reach the plain. 

We are on the Via Francigena in the South. This route extends over pastures, wooded areas, glades, where you can immerse yourself at times in the breathtaking view of the sea and others in a magical forest of  cyclamen, or come face-to-face with a big cow that curiously stares at passers-by. 

And thus we are left with the scent of these lands that smell of thyme oil and sea.

Eleonora e Mauro