“Better than mountains can be only mountains where you have not been!”

Hi everyone! My name is Alexey, I'm originally from Ukraine but at the moment I’m living, working, and doing business in Munich, Germany. I'm a fan of the mountains and extreme sports and I spend all my free time outdoors: climbing, hiking, trail running, snowboarding, and cold water swimming.

I work in the field of Software and Data Engineering and I find outdoor activities perfect for reflection and 'resting' my mind. I love making one-day trips from Munich to the mountains, alone or together with my family and friends (check my hashtag #onedayfrommunich)

My love for the mountains began in 2005 immediately after my first hike and rock climbing trip together with my university rock climbing team. Now that the mountains are so close, I can hear them calling every day!

I set many different goals for myself, some of them are: promoting active lifestyles, climbing, and mountain sports as well as showing by example that kids are not an obstacle for it. I strive to share all my travels, treks, climbing areas, via-ferratas, and invite everyone to try my experience!

Please check my Instagram account to find my activities and feel free to write me if you want any advice on a hike/climb/place or equipment.

As usual, I have many plans for this season, amongst which multi-pitching, mountain climbing and trekking in the Alps and beyond. Stay tuned!

Better than mountains can be only mountains where you have not been!


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