Summer is in full swing and hiking trails are full of adventurers from around the country! Hiking is a fun, healthy activity for warm weather, but like all types of exercise it can be hard to get into your groove if you are tired from yesterday’s adventures.  At Garmont, we took the time to make you some motivating, inspiring and upbeat hiking playlists! Music can be a great companion on any outdoor adventure. Whether you’re hiking or simply resting to enjoy the view, the right music can amplify those moments and experiences, and be your personal companion. Head over to check out our curated playlists here including one made specifically for your summer hiking and one also for your urban explorations. In addition, below we have given you the breakdown on the types of music you should turn up while on the trail, in terms of speed, skill level, and heart rate!



Whether you are a novice hiker or a seasoned climber, it is important to know the health benefits that come with hiking, and how to ensure you are doing the best activities for your body and skill level. A huge part of an exercise like hiking is cardiovascular health. When you are focusing on your cardiovascular health, engaging in regular cardiovascular exercise can help you build your way up to hiking longer distances and for longer periods of time! In order to calculate your heart rate and maximum range, you should subtract your age from 220, and then multiply that by your heart rate target which is usually between 40-80% depending on your age, skill level, goals and health.


In correlation with your heart rate comes finding that perfect pace to reach your desired heart rate and get the best exercise you can while out on the trail! Heart rate BPM and music BPM go hand in hand. For a slower heart rate and pace, you need a slower song and beat for your music to get you to that perfect pace. And if you are looking for a more intense workout, putting on some upbeat, high speed songs can get you to that faster pace to raise your heart rate to its healthy maximums!

Starting with novice hikers, while on the trail, this level of hiking should be training within 40-60% of their heart rate maximum or around 115-120 beats per minute. We have put together an eclectic playlist for all level hikers, so when you are targeting this heart rate level, we recommend you listen to some slower paced songs on our playlist to get your pace to match your heart rate!


For more experienced hikers who want a slightly more intense workout, your training should be between 50% and 70% or in terms of heart rate, 137-139 beats per minute. Check out our Garmont “Hiking Essentials” playlist for slightly faster songs to help you to match this pace.

Finally, for those intense hikers and climbers who want their heart rate pumping and those calories and muscles burning, you want to get to a 60-80% heart rate which is the equivalent of 147-169 beats per minute. We have also included on our Garmont Spotify, some songs to get you to this high speed, heart pumping pace!


Be sure to get your heart rate up and get moving this summer with our specialized Garmont hiking playlist!  Hiking and music get you up and energized for every adventure life takes you on. Discover our music playlists to inspire you and keep you company in any of your outdoor adventures.



Garmont Boots retrieved this information about BPM and healthy heart rates for exercise from the links provided below. For professional opinions or medical advice, please talk to your doctor to see what is best for your body type and health.

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