Since 2019 Garmont has supported the incredible work of the Global Conservation Corps (GCC), a non-profit organization dedicated to conserving wildlife through education and empowering people. Few know that communities surrounding wildlife reserves rarely have access to them. Children grow up never seeing wildlife, leaving them disconnected from their national heritage and susceptible to bribing by crime syndicates.

Education constitutes the core of the GCC universe. To teach young kids to appreciate, and protect the natural environment is the only key to preserve it and give an opportunity to future generations to enjoy it too. One of the many initiatives promoted by GCC is the “Careers In Conservation” video series, now available on YouTube Hosted by Producer, Mbhoni Mzamani, the goal of the series is to inspire young people about the numerous career possibilities available to them in the field of conservation, and to introduce them to heroes and role models in their communities whose extraordinary career paths are truly inspiring.

Careers In Conservation” started because of a lack of role models in the world of wildlife conservation and the wish to get local people involved in the local issues, needs and resources that are not always immediately acknowledged. When people think of conservation, one of the first roles that comes to mind are the one of Rangers, or Sheriffs; however there are other careers to be cultivated that are as important to the preservation of wildlife. As Mbhoni explains “It’s very important to understand that Nature exists to sustain us, so it is our responsibility for us to sustain it.” Wildlife can be a canvas where anyone can put his or her talent to use, by being dedicated and passionate in everything one does.

The video series follows real people, role models that operate directly or indirectly with conservation, showcasing how they spend their day, giving advice and information on how to start a career in the field. In each episode, the featured guest also tests the host Mbhoni to see if he has learned the key lessons of their shared experience, creating a fun, dynamic content for young viewers to enjoy. In the first episodes of the series, Mbhoni meets with a Field Ranger, a Field Guide and a K9 handler, discussing with them their jobs, their life and their passion for wildlife, giving also essential information on how to pursue those careers for young kids.

As Nature struggles to adapt to the effects of climate change and the growing human population, there is a demand for roles, careers and jobs in wildlife and conservation.  Though a career in the wildlife field can require serious preparation and long hours of hard work to acquire knowledge and skills, this can also be a choice of lifestyle, deciding to preserve and not harm nature with actions and choices we make every day. From using recycled materials to eating sustainably sourced food, everything that we do, consume and discard, all reflects on the natural world that we are part of.

Start making a change by watching this video series and sharing it with friends and family, especially those with young kids who are the future citizens of our world.
At Garmont we support the mission of GCC in helping to bring forth a change in the way people take care of the natural world around them.