25 September 2021: the first ever "Sibillini Experience"

The first ever “Sibillini Experience” – organised by Magic Mountains – was held on September 25. The event, which was open to the public free of charge, wished to promote the Sibillini Mountains and make people better appreciate them.


Magic Mountains is a non-profit project that aims to enhance and rediscover the natural and cultural heritage of the Sibillini Mountains, reconnecting people with pristine nature while promoting a slow, conscious and sustainable approach to these mountains and the rebirth of a land devastated by the earthquake.

An interactive docuseries was released on September 1, which serves as a means to tell stories from the past and tales about the Sibillini Mountains, but also to speak about the present day and convey passion for these mountains.


Magic Mountains Monti Sibillini


The first ever “Sibillini Experience” – a mini-festival of sustainable culture featuring hikes, live performances, talk shows and workshops – was held on Saturday, September 25, at Capanna Ghezzi, located an hour’s walk from Castelluccio di Norcia.

The first part of the day was devoted to exploring the trails and scenic spots of the Sibillini Mountains, with five hikes and a biking experience. Narrator-guides accompanied visitors on all the routes to help them really immerse themselves in the magical wilderness of this place.  


Garmont for Magic Mountains


A painting workshop was organised for the little ones and food tastings for adults, who had the opportunity to enjoy local delicacies, from cheese to cured meats to wine: a delight for the palate. 

The afternoon was all about performance art, with a show by theatre company Verba Volant, followed by a performance by Dan Kinseeman and Joe Rehmer, two American musicians who have lived in Umbria for several years now and who played some pieces inspired by the unique atmosphere of the mountains.

Participants were left in awe of the myths and legends that were recounted during readings, as well as of the experiences shared by the two docuseries co-stars: famous hiker Lorenzo Alesi and wildlife photographer Jonathan Giovannini. Legends intertwined with real-life experiences for just a moment, suspended between the past and the present. 

Turkish composer Ekin Fil, who wrote the documentary film score, brought the event to a close with a very emotional musical performance.


Dan Kinseeman and Joe Rehmer


The first “Sibillini Experience” event was designed with a view to sustainability, minimizing its environmental impact by only using 100% recycled materials, by opting for sustainable toilet facilities, and by amplifying sound naturally, thanks to the collaboration with Buskercase.

The next Experience event will be held at Maxxi museum in Rome between October 28-31: this immersive installation-exhibition will take visitors on a journey of discovery of all the stories about the Sibillini Mountains with digital storytelling and a video-photography group show titled “Il Fascino dei Sibillini”.