Glenfinann viaductYou too could walk in Harry Potter’s footsteps along the trail that follows the Glenfinann viaduct where the Hogwarts Express travels in the famous films. This is just one of twenty-six exciting itineraries that make up Scotland’s Great Trails. The trails twist and turn throughout Scotland and are perfect for avid hikers who love breathtaking scenery. While some trails are more suitable for expert hikers, others are perfect for beginners and families with children as well.


Ben NevisMore advanced hikers will most certainly want to make their way up the Ben Nevis, which, at 1,344 metres, is the highest mountain in Great Britain. The route starts at Pony Track and heads up to the top along a sixteen-kilometres trail that takes about eight hours. In taking on this climb, keep in mind that, once you reach the top, the temperatures are going to be much lower than when you set out, so you should dress in layers. Regardless of the season, make sure to check the weather before setting off on your hike—this isn’t a trail to take on in heavy rain or snow.

Cape Wrath TrailThe Cape Wrath Trail is dedicated to thru hikers. It follows an impressive 379 kilometres, crossing mountainous terrain, moorlands and the forests of the western Highlands. This is considered one of the most challenging trails in Europe. Actually, because this trail is unmarked in many places, hikers need to be able to have a high degree of navigational skills and bring their own supplies because the various resupply points are very far from one another.


The Isle of Skye will appeal to beginners and professionals alike. This is the largest of the Inner Hebrides islands off the northwestern coast of Scotland. The dramatic coastlines overlooking the sea, the fantastical atmospheres and the mysteries of Celtic legends will accompany hikers along trails that allow for discovering this magical island.


Another trail that is considered to be “easy” passes through Inverness, the capital of the Scottish Highlands. The city takes its name from the Scottish Gaelic phrase “Inbhir Nis,” which means “Mouth of the River Ness.” The river starts at the famous Loch Ness, ultimately flowing from the loch to the city of Inverness into the sea. Definitely make sure to take a trip around the Loch looking for Nessie. The majestic red sandstone Inverness Castle is in a prominent position overlooking the city, offering views that will take your breath away.


Summer is the best time to experience these places that are so immersed in nature, when the cold, rain and wind of the winter are gone, making way for milder, more pleasant weather. Before setting out, make sure you have waterproof clothing and hiking shoes like those offered by Garmont. All that is left to do is choose which trail to take and enjoy the adventure!

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