12 testers, 3 models of footwear, endless trails to run and discover!

As they say, numbers sing for those who know how to listen and this was never truer than in the case of the new 9.81 models from Garmont.

9.81 m/s² is Newton’s acceleration value for an object moving along the Earth’s surface and is the result of the following formula: g’ = G x m/r². Garmont’s reinterpretation of the formula is simple and refers to the elements featured in the new 2018 summer season line:

Garmont 9.81 = Grip x movement/ reactivity²


Let’s look at the individual elements of the formula in detail:

* Grip: grip is provided by the Michelin Free Cross sole. Watch the video and find out how the Michelin soles are cutting edge in terms of their performance and grip!

* Movement: an essential feature of the 9.81 range footwear is that it is suitable for a wide range of activities practised in the mountains: from trekking to trail running and speed hiking, these shoes embrace Garmont’s Free Trail concept, in other words, fast activities performed wearing protective, stable shoes.

* Reactivity: I’d say that the photo speaks for itself, don’t you think?!

9.81 Garmont mountain shoes


The testers were able to try out the 3 models in a range of different environments, from the hills of Tuscany to the mountainous terrain around Enego. The test did not however last just two days but continued for 30 days and even went far as Portugal, where a tester ran the Madeira Trail wearing the 9.81 Grids!


Here are the models:

  • 9.81 GRID
  • 9.81 FAST
  • 9.81 TRACK GTX






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