The new Garmont social responsibility project, presented less than a month ago at OutDoor by ISPO tradeshow, enters the operational phase. The first pairs of boots produced by the Italian company were delivered and presented by the Global Conservation Corps to their partner rangers at the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve in South Africa.


Garmont is for wildlife

Matt Lindenberg, founder of GCC, flew to South Africa in early July to personally deliver the first batch of Garmont boots to the rangers. These are the people who strive every day to defend different endangered animal species - above all rhinos, targeted by poachers for their horn, but also elephants, lions and others - in very difficult conditions.
Every day, the rangers must walk for huge distances in the bush: it is essential therefore that they can count on adequate equipment, able to withstand the extreme conditions in which they have to work. This is where Garmont came into play, providing these modern champions of the wilderness with new, effective boots.


A touching moment

The meeting between Matt Lindenberg and the reserve rangers was a real party. These tough men, accustomed to facing not only the risks of the bush but also the dangers implied in the fight against poaching, sang songs of joy and thanks before the first batch of new boots.

Some of them had worn the same pair of boots for over 10 years: seeing the new shoes, specifically for them, really marked a special moment.
The two highest ranking rangers immediately tested the new Garmont boots, remaining surprised by how light, agile and at the same time sturdy and stable the boots were in the South African bush.

During this test, the rangers and the shooting crew came across a family pod of hippos. While watching these beautiful animals, Anton – the head of security for the ranger division – said: "We are incredibly blessed to have a company like Garmont care so much about us, so we can continue protecting the animals we love so much.", sealing this unforgettable day for many and summoning up the spirit of this initiative.
The cooperation between GCC and Garmont is not just about providing new, effective equipment, it’s far more. It’s having the possibility to make rangers work better and have a better chance to fulfill their mission, that is to say protect wildlife in a fragile environment, as protecting nature it’s not a matter of business, but it’s everybody’s business.