Also this year, Garmont confirms its presence alongside the Treviso Creativity Week, which will take place from October, 20th to 27th. We will be the main sponsor of this important event dedicated to startups and innovative entrepreneurship, with a special all-new prize.

The "Garmont Special Prize" will be awarded to the startup which, according to the official announcement, will propose "the most significant project in the field of environmental sustainability and eco-sustainable development, contact with nature and re-evaluation of the territory, ie intended as outdoor in the forms of tourism, outdoor sports, training and educational activities but also integration of different cultures ".

A recognition that aims to reward the idea that best reconciles outdoor living with the theme of long-term sustainability, with the goal to enhance the territory. The "Garmont Special Award" therefore wants to encourage and support the startup company most capable of interpreting the #staywild spirit that represents the company's philosophy, that is the ability to engage in finding innovative solutions for a sustainable future, preserving that natural environment where man succeeds in reconnecting with his most instinctive spirit and giving vent to his innate desire for adventure and contact with nature. Without forgetting the desire to leave the already traced path and thus to challenge oneself, finding new ideas and opening new horizons.

After taking to the field at the Night of the Kings, in support of the rangers of the Global Conservation Corps (GCC) for the protection of the rhinos, Garmont therefore continues to support the good ideas that are really good for our planet. Still with more conviction if they are proposed by young people who spend and commit themselves to guarantee a sustainable future for the environment and for future generations.

The last edition of the Treviso Creativity Week involved more than 1500 participants, who were able to dialogue with 60 speakers and meet 30 project supporting partners.