Why do I go to the mountains?
Ask me.
Because when I look for answers from life I find them in mountains, trees and animals.
Because my backpack is packed with my memories, my life and my education.
Because I meet people who say “hello” even if they don't know you.
Because in the mountains it’s not usual to say: "I don’t have time, I’m too busy", in the mountains there are still the values of friendship.
Because every moment is an unforgettable emotion.
Because in the wind, in the rain, in the cold and in the heat you are once again the only master of yourself.
Because in the mountains you are freedom and passion.
Because you are solely yourself.

Ercole Marchionni is a mid-mountain guide and a  hiking and Nordic walking instructor. He lives and works in Abruzzo, in the center of Italy, where he organizes numerous excursions that he then reports on Montagne Selvagge, his facebook page: his goal is to introduce people to the genuine beauty and fascinating history of his region.