For many, heading to the mountains in winter is a necessary ritual. Many consider taking on the season’s weather conditions as a higher challenge that goes beyond just enjoying the spectacular snowy scenery and breath-taking landscapes.

However, to make the most of this experience, you will need to have the right equipment. Let’s take a look at some of the must-have pieces for a true mountain lover, whether that mountain lover is you or someone you need to buy a gift for.

One of the most fundamental elements of equipment needed are shoes, which will support us throughout the day. Get the right ones suited to the activity and with technology that can provide you with everything you need during your excursions. They need to be water-resistant, comfortable and provide you with safety and stability during physical activity.

Another important piece of equipment for the excursion is the backpack, which should contain everything that may be needed throughout the day: a map, a compass, binoculars, a Swiss army knife and, for longer excursions, a thermos, a small picnic set, a portable GPS device and a portable battery charger.

Must-have items for mountain loversIf you like adventure and expect to take on interesting routes known for their beauty, it could be a great opportunity to take some wonderful photos or take videos. A traditional camera or action camera should definitely be part of your equipment so that you can share and exchange photos of various locations with aficionados like you.

During your outdoor excursions in winter, you are certainly going to run into some wonderfully snowy scenery. Here you will need to contend with the elements, and conditions may be harsh, with terrain that requires caution and the right equipment! So you will certainly need a water – and wind – resistant jacket, gloves, a scarf and fleece jumpers to combat the low temperatures. For your safety, it’s important to have snow shoes, crampons and an ice axes, and if you plan on doing any climbing, dry tooling, or via ferrata routes, you will need a helmet.

Don’t underestimate the need for sunglasses, which can protect against the harsh rays of the sun and snow glare.

Finally, if you expect to set out on an excursion when the days are shorter, for your safety, you should have a flashlight or headlamp.

In conclusion, there is no lack of choice when it comes to making your next equipment purchases, in the hopes of having a #StayWild Christmas!

Must-have items for mountain lovers



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