The warmer months are the right time to start doing physical activity. Which sport to choose? One good idea could be Nordic walking, a work-out for the whole body and an outdoor sport.

This is walking with the aid of special poles, introduced in Finland as summer training for cross-country skiers. This sport soon became widespread as it is suited to people of all ages and can improve the mental and physical well-being of individuals.

Equipment for Nordic walking

To practise Nordic walking properly, you need poles in aluminium or glass fibre-carbon alloy. Irrespective of the material, it is important that the poles have a comfortable grip with strap, which allows the hand to be opened and closed easily during the forward push, essential in this sport. Some poles also have the possibility of length reduction, a feature which makes them particularly handy during transport.

As regards footwear, models should be chosen which accompany the movement of the foot, absorb impact with the ground and ensure stability during walking.

As for Nordic walking clothing, in the summer it is preferable to opt for t-shirt and shorts in lightweight and breathable fabric to ensure maximum comfort also on particularly warm days. Don’t forget a hat in order to protect your head from the sun and a pair of glasses designed for outdoor activity, i.e. able to screen the sun’s rays.

The benefits of Nordic walking

Nordic walking is an excellent sporting activity in that, if the movement is performed correctly, it involves 80% of the muscles of the body. With regular walking an improvement is obtained in the posture and back, with consequent reduction in pain in the area of the spine, a visible toning of the muscles, improved coordination and a beneficial effect on the circulation, useful in particular for women who suffer from unsightly cellulite, and a reduction in the risk of osteoporosis.

Moreover, thanks to the movement of the arms, associated with that of the legs, with equal distance and speed, calorie consumption is obtained which is 20% higher than that from normal walking. Nordic walking therefore becomes optimal training for people who are overweight.

Where to go Nordic walking

Although originally this discipline was developed in the mountains, it gradually spread everywhere, to the extent that it is not unusual to see people practising it also in town and city centres. The best advice on the choice of the place where to practise Nordic walking is definitely to prefer a landscape able to relax the mind and therefore also have a regenerative effect on the body.



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