Soul Running is a book-magazine dedicated to Running and Trail Running, which for 7 years now has organized a B2B event for retailers to try out new products. This year at Enego Running Expo there were 33 exhibitors who embraced various use categories, from clothing to footwear, and from the simplest of accessories to more specific equipment.

Soul Running and the 9.81 line from Garmont

At the weekend the area was also open to the public for two days so they could try out SS18 products. On Sunday 24 June a trail running race was held over 23km with a climb of 1100 m D+, while climbing enthusiasts were given the opportunity of performing on artificial climbing walls and slack line as well as a timed endurance competition on the beam.

On Monday instead the area was dedicated exclusively to retailers (around 70 stores for 132 shop windows) from 9 different regions, who were able to discover and try out the new products for FW18 and SS19.

Garmont exhibited its entire 9.81 CollectionShoes from the 9.81 Collection by Garmont: a line of footwear suited to various outdoor activities, from free running to faster on-off road activities, training sessions to fast and light trekking, supplying excellent performances. The line is designed to offer support and lightness for the foot with the best possible comfort.

This footwear range has a Michelin ® Free Cross sole, with differentiated shape lugs, which allow outstanding grip on all types of terrain. This means tackling without any problems difficult and uneven routes in all weather conditions.

This lightweight and stable footwear allows complete mobility of the ankle: with a lightweight upper which wraps around the foot comfortably, thanks to the PU reinforcements it provides structure and protection, in this way making these shoes ideal for short routes at a fast pace, for training sessions and running over long distances.

If you are fans of Nordic walking, hiking and trekking in subalpine areas on any type of terrain, the 9.81 line is the right choice for your #StayWild style!



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