Mountain hikes are all the more magical when nature starts to reawaken and colours are abloom. But it is important to pay attention to certain factors to avoid being injured, so that you can enjoy your hikes in the most comfortable way possible.

One of the most important things to consider is making sure your feet are stable. With this need in mind, Garmont has come up with Ergo Last technology for its shoes. This is an anatomical last with rounded contours that cradle the foot, especially around the heel and arch areas. It wraps around the foot in an ergonomic way, making for more support and comfort in everyday use.








When hiking in the mountains, you may come across rough and rugged terrain, so it is fundamental to use shock-absorbing shoes. This is why Garmont has come up with Double Damper technology, which consists of two layers of EVA: the midsole softens the impact to the ground while the inner damper alleviates the impact on the heel. The result is two layers that cushion the step when coming in contact with the ground, making for a more comfortable stride.

Garmont has included Ergo Last and Double Damper technologies in a single family of the S/S 18 collection: the STICKY model, which is part of the Approach line. Designed for approach and for outdoor activities with every type of terrain, it is a shoe that has a firm hold while climbing and offering a lot of cushioning for descents. There is a new generation extended Vibram® sole: it completely wraps the midsole and much of the heel area. Compared to classic approach shoes, Sticky stands out not just for its great stability but for its comfort, cutting-edge materials and captivating modern design.

Recently, we received some exciting news, which is that a model from this line—the Sticky Stone GTX® with GORE-TEX lining—has won at the UK OUTDOOR INDUSTRY AWARDS 2018, which is put on by OIA (the Outdoor Industries Association).

This competition takes place in the UK and features more than 100 products competing in specific categories, from clothing for hiking to camping equipment. A jury of experts selected the Sticky Stone GTX® as one of the three finalists in the footwear category. The shoe then won the top prize in online voting.

Sticky shoes, which come in both leather and mesh, are trusted companions for all types of mountain hikes, from Sunday strolls with friends to more competitive climbs. So choose the Sticky model from the Spring/Summer 2018 line that best suits your needs…. #StayWild all spring long.