Spring is the season when nature is reborn: the world transforms, offering us all new colours and landscapes. A new discovery—be it small or large—with every step, admiring and experiencing everything biodiversity and the environment have to offer. The first flowers that peek out from the grass, the roar of the rushing waters from the rivers and the picturesque, calming glint seen in the reflections of the lakes.

Have we enticed you to want to seek out amazing, relaxing landscapes? Let’s look at the best way to prepare for your spring hikes.

Equipment and clothing

As we saw this winter, having the right equipment for your excursions is very important. You need to set out with everything needed to take on your chosen trail in the best possible way, but without weighing yourself down while still being ready for the sudden weather changes so common in the mountains.

Wearing layers is the best solution: a waterproof windbreaker, which we can keep in our backpack without taking up a lot of space; a fleece jacket, a light t-shirt and long trousers, all in breathable materials.

We need to outfit our feet in the right way as well considering that they will support us the whole time. Therefore, you should choose the right technical shoes, which should also be breathable; so avoid materials like wool, which will make the feet sweat too much.

Hiking shoes need to be robust in order to protect the feet, but they shouldn’t be too heavy so that we can walk agiley and without too much effort. Therefore, mid- or high-cut shoes are recommended in order to protect and support the ankles with each and every movement.


The backpack is one of our trusted travel companions. It holds all of our “layers” and allows us to bring all of the essentials: water and snacks to keep our energy up; a map, a compass or a GPS device so we can find our way; a pocket knife and a whistle so we can take on any situation.

Don’t forget a hat to protect you from the sun…it is spring, after all!


If you are not an expert, choose a trail that you can take on easily—something not too long or complicated. This way you will learn skills that will be useful for the next hikes. The first few times, it is preferable to go with people who have experience. Not only is it a good way to get tips for your hikes, but it is also a nice way to spend time with others.

How to choose the right trail? In addition to getting tips from others, you can check out our blog, specifically The voice of the mountain section. Here you will find important and useful information to give you the proper motivation. You can also find more information through tourist offices or Internet sites in the areas you’d like to hike.

Our suggestions? The Dolomites!

For example the Marmolada mountain range offers interesting trails. This area is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site and these peaks offer spectacular, picturesque glacier views.

The Tour du Mont Blanc is one of the most famous and popular hikes in Europe: it crosses more than 150 kilometres at high altitudes, and is something you won’t soon forget!

So are you ready to set off and discover all new panoramas? Tell us about your experiences in the comments and share your views and perspectives with the
#StayWild hashtag on your social-media channels. We can’t wait to join you on your journey!

Spring: new colours to discover in the mountains



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