Here we are with the second part of our journey through the tips and tricks for the best first backpacking experience. If you missed it, here you can read part one! Let start the list of four basic points:


  1. An experienced friend


No man is an island” said Thomas Merton, American writer, poet and social activist; this means that human beings do not thrive when isolated from others.

This is applicable to many concepts and sports: one of these is backpacking!

If it’s your first time having a trekking or an excursion, find one or more friends to join you! It will be funnier, safer and as comfortable as possible.


If among your friends there’s someone who is an experience backpacker, that will be perfect! Experience is fundamental on this sport: only with time you can learn how to master the secrets of backpacking.

Being part of a group is important because you can split the gear during difficult times: you can breathe, take your time and the backpack will be lighter. Furthermore, another example is the sharing of the stuff: a unique tent for three people will be more practical than three single-person tents.


Mountain trails can be unreliable, so being with an experienced backpacker can be an additional weapon for you: he can share with you his tales, advices and tricks.


In the next episode we will explain how to choose the right way, so stay tuned and… #StayWild!






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