Let’s continue our backpacking trip with the second basic point.

  1. The right trail

As we said in the previous time, walking with a backpack is harder than the typical hike you’re probably used to: completing the route will be longer, the physical effort is going to be higher and the logistic will be different from a normal path.

So when you choose your backpacking you must be aware of these factors:

Preparation, distance and time

Remember: this is backpacking and you’re carrying a 60 liters load!

You must consider how many kilometers you’ll be comfortable walking in one day: a long trail could make you arrive late and have trouble setting up commodities during the night.

So never forget that you must take time to prepare the tent before sunset once your reached the destination!

Elevation gain, season and logistic

Hiking in Dolomiti is amazing, but you can reach high altitude from the bottom and this could be a problem: you must consider the seasonal weather before starting the route and be prepared with it. Because of the elevation gain the cold will descend any minute, put the proper clothing to wear in your backpack… but don’t worry, in the next episode we’ll explain you how to do it in the right way!

Stay tuned and… #StayWild!



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