Let’s continue our backpacking trip with the third basic point.

3. Pack the essentials

Now that you’ve found a friend to go into the wild with, and chosen the route you want to take, you have to pack your gear. Don’t forget the following for a safe and successful backpacking weekend.

Pack a map and compass. Don’t rely exclusively on your phone; if you lose the phone signal or the battery dies, you can get lost!

Sun protection: this is really important in summer, but also in winter depending on the elevation you’re at. So don’t forget to bring sun protection and a hat! An insect repellent can also be useful.

There can be large differences in temperature and humidity between day and night, so bring a change of clothes and remember to layer up before you get cold!

When you’re camping in the woods there may not be much light, even during a full moon: pack a headlamp and/or a flashlight to stay safe!

Speaking of safety, always keep a first aid kit in your backpack. And pack a whistle or other signaling device!

A repair kit is another thing to keep in your backpack. Remember that things have a way of breaking at the worst moment! A knife or multi-tool is also a must!

Do not rely on just a lighter. It could get wet or you could lose it and you would risk spending the night without fire. Pack some emergency waterproof matches to light your campfire.

Food and water: always bring more food and water than you think you might need. If something unexpected happens and you have stay out longer than originally planned, you have to be prepared.

Pack a pot set, bowl, cup and spork for your meals. If open-air fires are not permitted, pack a lightweight backpacking stove and some fuel.

Don’t forget your sleeping bag, a sleeping pad to isolate your body from the ground, and a lightweight, freestanding tent.

And, of course, appropriate footwear!

Stay tuned and… #StayWild!

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