Let’s continue our backpacking trip with the fourth basic point.

4. Choosing your gear


If you will be travelling with an experienced friend, let him choose the best tent solution and then split the weight. If not, consider these three characteristics when choosing a tent:
Capacity: how many people does it sleep;

Seasonality: expected weather conditions;

Weight: find the right balance between weight and space.



Layer up! You can stop and remove a layer if you start to sweat, or add a layer when you start to feel cold. Remember: several light layers do a better job at providing greater warmth and are more versatile than a single heavy layer. A clean tee and bottoms are recommended for sleeping.

And avoid cotton: it takes a very long time to dry once wet. Also, the weather can change rapidly and unexpectedly, so don’t forget to pack a waterproof jacket.



Boots are probably a hiker’s most important choice of gear. Sore feet will certainly ruin a backpacking experience. A good fit should be snug at the heel and offer wiggling room for your toes in the front. When looking at boot options, consider the terrain you will be covering and the loads you expect to carry.

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