Finally we got the summer: the people start their holidays and it grow a deep desire to get in touch with nature. So why don’t you make a break and gift yourself a full week end in the mountains?

Backpacking is every day increasing its popularity towards the outdoor enthusiasts and all around the world is full of amazing spots where is possible to camp for a night or two.


Backpacking with Garmont

For beginners, it might be a little hard to approach this way of exploring the wilderness! There are many things you need to remember and take care: what to pack, the itinerary you want to choose and the right gear for the heavier load.

So, did I miss anything? Oh yes, don’t forget to wear the right shoes! They are probably the most important item in your list, but which type and model is your favorite?

Backpacking boots or hiking shoes? Over-the-ankle or low-cut? Black or full of colors? We will see what is best for your feet.


There are mainly four things you need to do before starting your first backpacking adventure:


  1. Find an experience friend to come with you
  2. Choose the right way for you
  3. Packing
  4. Gearing


In the next episodes we will explain in detail each of these steps to make your first backpacking excursion safe and exciting!

So stay tuned and… #StayWild!


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