It’s time to relax! What about a break around the wonderful Misurina Lake?

The Misurina Lake, at 1754 m above sea level is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy and the largest natural one in the Cadore area. It is embraced by some of the most noble mountain outlines in the Dolomites: when you are here, it’s like you’re in a fairy tale!




During the winter time, when the snow is blowing and the temperature is decreasing, the lake freezes and it becomes a very exclusive site. If you feel brave enough you can even walk on the surface or try the iceskate! Great experience!

In the summer, when the water becomes green and crystalline, Misurina lake is a perfect destination for hiking: you can find dense woods and majestic mounts, such as Popena, Cristallino, Tre Cime di Lavaredo and Marmarole. The area includes a myriad of footpaths, for beginners or experts, all perfectly marked. Here you’re closely with a dream nature!

There is also a charming legend related to the Lake. Misurina was a little capricious and spiteful girl, who lives literally held in the palm of the hand of her giant father, the king Sorapis. To fulfill another Misurina’s desire, her father went to the Monte Cristallo fairy, to obtain a magical mirror. The shrewd fairy proposed a deal: she granted her mirror to the girl if only the king had agreed to become a mountain. Misurina did not care right away and grabbed the mirror: at the same time the King Sorapis turned into a mountain! Desperately, the child felt dizzy and she fell from the top with the much-needed mirror. That’s when from the good King Sorapis’ dead eyes began to shed his sorrowful tears, which formed the lake Misurina.

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