With the arrival of winter, the mountains are even more magical considering how enchanted they are to begin with. Forests transform into kingdoms turned white by the snow, gently blanketing the lairs of hibernating animals. At night, when the sky is clear, the stars shine bright and their reflection creates a decorative glow on the mountaintops, making for a Christmas atmosphere.

This is why experiencing the mountains in winter is an absolute must for outdoorsy types: you can alternate time spent contemplating nature with activities that are much sportier.

Alpine skiing is a traditional pastime, especially during Christmas break, from experts who use highly technical racing skis to those who use all-round skis, which are more versatile and easy to handle. There are also those who like to go off-piste and will ski in any conditions (fresh or dense snow, ice or when the slopes are well trodden), and they will certainly opt for more of an all-mountain ski.

But the mountains in winter aren’t just about skiing. There are so many other adventures to embark upon! For example, alpine guides and technical climbers can’t wait for the temperatures to drop so they can head to higher elevations for some mountaineering, with excursions that may be technically difficult on glaciers and frozen waterfalls, perhaps wearing a pair of our thermal crampon-compatible boots. For those into sports that are less extreme but who still want to head outdoors despite the low temperatures, there are plenty of excursions to take on well-trodden snowy paths wearing Garmont winter boots and snowshoes.

So how do you like to enjoy the winter? Contemplating the beauty of snowy white landscapes in a philosophical way or fully embracing our “#StayWild with Garmont” motto?

One thing is certain: at the end of the day in the mountains, regardless of what you do, it is nice to enjoy these adventures with your travel companions in front of the fire while sipping a nice cup of hot chocolate… another great reason to love the winter!

The mountains in winter