When you hear the word Dolomiti, you certainly think about the famous white rocks, that are also Unesco world Heritage. But Dolomiti are much more! You can find, for example, a particular pathway: “the trail of bees”. If you are looking for an excursion for families, this is the right solution.
The trail of the Bees in Rodengo offers to parents and children the opportunity to immerse themselves in the nature of South Tyrol, venturing among the farms in the area and at the same time to find out everything about production of this famous golden nectar of the Dolomites. You can walk for 7 km through wood and with an easy climb, visit the typical maso Locherhof where you can find/ see an extensive colony of bee hives. Thanks to an expert beekeeper the various stages of processing and production of this precious product won’t have secrets for you. The last ingredient for an unforgettable trip, that children and adults will appreciate, is the wonderful view of the fascinating Castel Rodengo.

Have a good trip and… #StayWild!


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